welcome to wicked! i am a military wife & mom of two. here, you can read about my adventure in keeping it together through creative expression, organization, photography, and let’s face it… laughter.

Meet Kate

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wickedkate (the person)

To introduce myself and give a quick overview of “me”, I made this laundry lists about myself. Enjoy!

  • Married for 8 years to my best friend, who is serving in the active duty Air Force.
  • Mother of 2 smart-as-a-whip-adorable-and-wonderful-but-possibly-feral-children: a Girl (4 years) & a Boy (1.75 years).
  • A small business owner / graphic designer / web developer (PageLauncher, LLC).
  • Seriously creative, organized, and uniquely expressive.
  • I have a deep love for animals. The master of a mutt, the bed warmer for a brown tabby, and the roommate of a black ninja kitty.
  • Oldest of four amazing women and blessed to be raised by two of my heroes.