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Say What?! Volume 1

This letter goes out to everyone who needs a little reminder. I know that I am writing this from a position of clarity while Boy naps and Girl is at school. I am sure that a couple of hours from now, when all hell breaks loose, I will need to reread it. Maybe several times. [...]

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Parenting Olympics • Potty Train Edition

Parenting can be like an olympic sport sometimes. You have to train your butt off, prepare for your events, and then give it your best shot when the time comes in hopes that you will come up with gold. Walking, talking, potty training, school, or whatever the phase of life you are going through, the [...]

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project52 • messy vs fun

This week was Dr Seuss week all over the world. Kids read Seuss, and celebrated in Seussical fashion. My daughter's class was no exception. Each day came with it's own theme that included special outfits, attitudes, and activities. I don't know about the other kids, but I know that my own LOVED the whole experience. [...]

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