welcome to wicked! i am a military wife & mom of two. here, you can read about my adventure in keeping it together through creative expression, organization, photography, and let’s face it… laughter.


Launched • Family Cartoon

While I finish up unpacking from our move (Washington [state] to Oklahoma!), we are without internet. BOO! I am in the parking lot of McDonalds using the free wi-fi to let you know you haven’t been forgotten! Watch for upcoming posts about our 2,900 mile road trip adventure, several Project52 posts, and a bunch of launches from PageLauncher. Until then, enjoy the full-family cartoon that I made to help myself relax during the move-out process. This is the new image in my “meet kate” section. I also updated the information on that page. Check it out!

my family

See you all after Wednesday when the CAAAAABLE GUY (read as spoken by Jim Carrey on the movie… Really, I can’t say CAAABLE GUY without saying it like that after seeing the movie…) reconnects us to the outside world!!

PS – Did anyone notice that I changed the Kate at the top of the page too? Kudos to you on your powers of observation!

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