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Unless you haven’t been keeping up, you know that my family recently made a big fat move across the country… again. I must have a million cross-outs in friend’s address books. Even my ordering information at my most-visited websites seem to ask WHERE ARE YOU NOW!? This time, we even gave up changing our local phone number and are just using our cell phones because it’s just another number to remember and pay for, so why do it at all?! Anyhow, to help my friends and family, and to use my creative energy to burn off some stress, I created the following moving announcement for them to keep on “file” to help them remember where I am! Check it out! (Note: The address has been changed [Globemaster III = C-17, so I'm a bit sarcastic in the re-title, no?!] and our name has been removed to protect the kiddos.)

What have you done for your moving announcements? Do you bother to send them by snail mail? I’m just emailing mine out to save on postage… Since we move every 3-4 years, we will have plenty of opportunities to use new and creative ideas! Hook me up with a few in the comments!

PS – If you did not receive an announcement, but want one, email me. I don’t want to bog down your email in-boxes if I’m not sure you’re interested :).

PPS – If you are interested in having a custom announcement designed for YOUR project, please head over to my company site (PageLauncher.com). I’d be happy to help your dream announcement take flight!

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    Kelly B. Monday, June 25, 2012, 3:43 pm

    I want one! Great idea! :-)


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