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Project52 • Explore

Explore your world. Just get in the car and go. Plan your adventure. Let it plan itself. Just go, because there is so much out there to discover. Sometimes when we see just how big the world really is, we find humility, and a sense of perspective. Make sure you find yourself by looking in places that you’ve never seen before, because sometimes, that’s where pieces of you are hiding.

explore your world

Last month, we made a giant road trip from Washington to Oklahoma. We stopped several times along the way to visit friends and family. We also stopped at several national parks, one being the Grand Canyon. If you have never made the trip out to see it, you need to do it. It is gigantic, breath-taking, and humbling. You realize how little you are, when you stand at the edge of the earth and see how strong and powerful nature can be. Mother Nature makes any artistry that is created by man pale in comparison.

Sometimes, road trips can be really stressful. Other times, they can be a whole lot of fun. This time, we enjoyed one another’s company and had fun with it. There was stress involved, as there always is with two kids under five, but in the end we made some great memories.

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