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Project52 • Brothers and Sisters

“Sometimes being a brother is even better than being a superhero.” ~ Marc Brown


Watching my kids grow up together is one of the greatest blessings that I’ve ever been given. The two of them are as thick as thieves. They fight like roosters attempting to peck one another’s eyes out one minute, laugh like fools the next, and then give sweet hugs the next. Together, they create a world all of their own. There are lessons that you teach your siblings, and they teach you, that cannot come from anywhere else. They will share stories of “when mom and dad” did things right, when we did things wrong, and back in the day when we did this or that. They will understand one another in a way no one else will. I know from experience, that siblings can be the best friends of our lives. I can only hope that my two have the same type of relationship as my sisters and myself.

I love the way they are looking at one another in this picture. At four in the afternoon, they are still rocking their jammies. That’s the kind of long weekend we have been having this 4th of July. We mostly stayed home and worked around the house. The kids enjoyed hanging around and relaxing. We enjoyed playing with their toys without worrying about having to get anywhere for an appointment. We organized and hung up things on the walls that we hadn’t in the past month since we moved in. It was a great weekend. Just to show you how excited Boy was about playing outside in his jams, here is a photo of him “cheesing” for me beside his sand table.



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