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Project52 • Fun

Live and work but do not forget to play, to have fun in life and really enjoy it.
~Eileen Caddy

fun is necessary

Too often, I find myself all wrapped up in the “have to” and “supposed to” and “expected of me” in life, and I forget to put everything down and just play. Take time off. Enjoy the fruits of my work. I turn play into work sometimes. Something that was fun becomes stressful, and rather than realizing the change and just walking away or finding a new way to play, I get frustrated. Life just isn’t as serious as we all make it. We make it harder than it needs to be. Raising our kids, too often we forget that kids are kids. We forget that they need to make mistakes. We forget that WE make mistakes: every. single. day. We forget that that’s OK, and it is part of the fun of learning. Sometimes, at the end of a hard day, we just need to get down on the floor and play with those that we love. Children, pets, family, even just by ourselves with our hobby of choice. Take a minute, even in the most stressful day. Forgive yourself the imperfections that you cannot help, take a deep breath, and remember that life is supposed to be fun. Change up the game if you have to, but remember to schedule in time to play and reflect upon how far you have come.

Girl started school about a month ago. Now she is a professional swinger. She loves it. Even in her play though, she tells me repeatedly that she is “practicing”. “It’s ok that I fell over on my bike. I’ve just got to get up and keep practicing my balance”. “Look Mom! I’m swinging! I’m practicing so I can be awesome at it!”. Play doesn’t mean that we have no objective. It simply means that we find a path to that objective that includes positivity.

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