project52 • helping vs hindering

project52 • helping vs hindering

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My 2 year old son has his mother’s stubborn streak. At some point in his life, it will help him to overcome obstacles that others feel are impassible. For now, it is simply driving me bananas. Like most toddlers his age, he wants to do everything “mine self”. He wants his opinion to be heard. So he yells them. Loudly. Often, they are accompanied by tantrums resembling the Mexican Hat Dance. He wants to pick things out for himself. I love that he is exerting his independence, but holy moly… Patience is required to help me walk the line between helping him to do something so that we can move faster, and hindering his ability to learn how to do it himself. Sometimes he gets so frustrated he lashes out. Other times, he takes his time and figures out something new. On the night in this picture, he couldn’t decide between his rocket jammies and his Mickey ones. I mean, they are both cute. I can see where he was in turmoil. He decided he definitely wanted rockets, after about 5 minutes of deliberation. Delighted to be headed toward his bedtime, I put the rocket bottoms onto him. He demanded that he wear his hockey jersey with them, declaring that they matched. It wasn’t worth the argument. I left the room feeling victorious over the stress of the pajama selection process, and his sleep rebellion.

A few hours later, when we were going to bed, Hubs went in to check on him. “YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS!!” he whisper yelled to me. I jogged in and this is what we found. He’d changed his mind. He wanted the Mickeys and he wanted to put them on himself. He must have been exhausted because both legs went into the same hole and he fell asleep that way. Too funny. You win, little man! You sure showed me!

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