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Project52 • Innocent

The time in our lives that we are innocent is fleeting. Before we are even aware it has happened, someone steals it away somehow by showing us the harsh reality that is life. I pray that my children may hold onto their innocence for a long while. I enjoy watching them whole heartedly laugh and explore their world without fear. I know it won’t last forever, but in this moment, it’s pretty awesome.

In all of the hustle and bustle of being a “single” parent, it sometimes can be difficult to just stop and play with the kiddos. Today, while we had two hours of sunshine, I rushed out to the back yard with the two of them and picked up the remainder of the downed branches from our storm a couple of weeks ago. Girl asked if they could swing for a bit, and if I’d push them. Something told me that I needed my camera, and that feeling was right on. The two of them laughed and kicked their feet, soul-laughing at the fun they were having swinging and the attention they were getting. I got this one of Girl, and knew it was this week’s 52. It perfectly shows her innocence, and her worry-free happiness in that moment. The shoes on the wrong feet don’t hurt the “moment” either. She does that all the time, and usually I catch it and have her fix it. I’m kind of glad I missed it this time, and that it became part of my digital recording of her today. Even though I am grateful that they are growing up strong, healthy, happy, and smart, I still enjoy these moments that remind me that they are still my babies. Thank You, God, for these moments for they make my heart grow even larger than I knew possible with love for these two. It also keeps me from putting them out when they are frustrating. Just saying :).


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