project52 • making vs capturing

project52 • making vs capturing

balancing making memories with capturing them isn't easy

There is a conflict in my life between my love for photography, and my desire to be present within the moments that are worth capturing on “film”. For a long time, I got really into my photography, and took LOTS of pictures. Then I had my son, and my life slowed down a little bit. I realized that 1) I’m not IN any of these pictures. 2) I was spending too much time CAPTURING the memories and not enough MAKING them. Unfortunately, this realization has resulted in a bit of Second Child Syndrome (the real syndrome where the first child gets every breath documented and photographed, while every other child has progressively fewer photos and even less written down). Hubs was traveling a lot more when Girl was little. A LOT MORE. I documented her not only because I loved it, but also to share it with him, even if he couldn’t be there. Now that we are in Oklahoma, he is home more, and can see it for himself. We are doing a lot more making of memories as a FAMILY, and I sometimes forget to take out the camera. Hubs pointed it out the other day by saying that my priorities have changed. I was offended at first, but maybe he was right.

The next day, I was sitting at my desk wrapping up some details on an online project when I heard Boy laughing in the playroom behind me. I turned my head to find him rocking a plastic fedora from the dress up bin, pointing his plastic sword at his row of Little People animal minions. He thought it was hilarious. He didn’t know I was watching. He told them “You go here! You go there. No juss kiddin. You stay. YOU GO!” I don’t know why, but it just stopped me in my tracks. It reminded me that he really is still just a two-year-old little guy. He has a GREAT laugh. I ran for my camera to capture it, and I took 10 shots. Then I put it down and took the time out of my working to play. You can have both. You can capture memories while making them.

This year, I vow to take more pictures. I also vow to put down the camera and participate. I want to capture these precious moments on film, but also in my mind. Oh, and by the way, I’m also all for taking pictures of the not so awesome moments in life. Check some of my back posts like this one, or the second one in this post. I don’t post those to embarrass my kids by the way. I post them to tell other parents that their kids aren’t the only ones that are running for office in Crazytown. There is something to laughing your way through the mistakes in life that make it possible to learn. Otherwise, you get all embarrassed, and life gets to be no fun. Mistakes are part of learning, so I celebrate them both in person and on film. Bring on the bloopers. Life is full of them.

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