project52 • messy vs fun

project52 • messy vs fun

This week was Dr Seuss week all over the world. Kids read Seuss, and celebrated in Seussical fashion. My daughter’s class was no exception. Each day came with it’s own theme that included special outfits, attitudes, and activities. I don’t know about the other kids, but I know that my own LOVED the whole experience. Her favorite part? TOOTSIE TUESDAY of course. What happens on Tootsie Tuesday? You get to wear silly socks like THESE:

silly socks

Wait, what, Mom?! My socks don’t have to match?! I can wear them with capris so that I can wear non-matching legwarmers too?! This is AWESOME! This silly experience became even better when Girl waltzed into my home after school and proudly dropped sock on my kitchen floor. “LOOK WHAT I DID AT SCHOOL TODAY!” She proudly exclaimed.

crazy colored socks

In PreK, the teacher had all of her students color on their own, one another’s, and even HER own feet with washable markers! The entire foot (bottom and all), ankle, shin, and calf areas of each leg were COVERED. My initial shock and OCD knee-jerk reaction of “are you KIDDING ME?! What a MESS! That BETTER come off!” gave way to a huge smile when I heard the glee in her voice. I can only imagine a class full of belly-laughing four and five year olds coloring on one another’s ticklish feet.

In the end, the silly Tootsie Tuesday socks wiped off with baby wipes. Her socks washed clean in the laundry. We were left with nothing but these pictures and a happy memory. Way to go Mrs. D! I’m so glad my daughter is in a class with a teacher that knows the difference between messy and silly fun. Sometimes, her Mama forgets, and needs reminding.

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    love it!!!

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    I love her giggly face!

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