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Project52 • Savor

When you have the opportunity to experience something new,
make sure that you pay attention.
Soak up the details. Get involved. Get messy.
Savor the flavors in life that come your way.

boy cov/ered in melted chocolate

Doesn’t everyone have a picture just like this of themselves when they were small? Little kids are the best at really enjoying the details of life. Without reservation, my son savored every morsel of this treat. He didn’t care that it was a Weight Watcher one point special. He just knew it was chocolate, it was delicious, and that it made him happy. Go ahead and judge me if you like, but I knew my son was going to make a mess, and it was almost time for jammies, so I let him have the treat in only a diaper. I love how happy he is, and how much he clearly shows his appreciation for the gift of the food. May we all live by the example he shows: appreciate what you are given, savor the flavors of life, and find the positive even amongst the messiest of situations. Yet again, my children are the masters and I am but the student.


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    Mahina Friday, March 30, 2012, 4:15 pm

    I think we might have submitted the same type of photo this week. My daughter and your son look like they could be best friends. Hahaha.

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    Nanny Sharon Friday, March 30, 2012, 7:51 pm

    I watched this handsome little dude, eat ketchup with a chicken strip yesterday. He took that piece if chicken and scraped the little bowl of ketchup totally clean. When the ketchup was gone, he pushed the entire chicken strip into his mouth! It was very impressive. The huge, formerly white linen napkin at the restaurant was the barrier between the ketchup and his clothes. Hair and face, including eyes, ears and nose, as well as both hands were totally covered with ketchup. It was fun to watch, for sure. (He may have ketchup under his fingernails until he is old enough to vote!). Grandson, Nanny loves you sooooooooo much. Your mama is right: you do know how to enjoy what you like.


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