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Project52 • Sincere

Whatever you do in life, do your best to do it sincerely. It will show your strength of character, and it will make others feel important. It will gain the respect of others, and from yourself. Be authentic, honest, and sincere, even when the world tries to change you. God doesn’t make mistakes, and He made you just the way you are.

Honest Eyes of a Child

While on a photo shoot of a friend’s children, I captured this image of my son. I never looked at the LCD, and totally forgot about it, until I was editing. I opened this one up, and my heart exploded. I was stopped dead in my tracks. I love my son’s eyes. They are big, blue, honest, innocent, loving, and can melt my heart like butter.

Recently, I have been thinking a lot about these eyes and those of my daughter, what they see in the world, and what I show them. Once you become a parent, it’s as if your life is being recorded. Even when you have no idea they’re watching or listening, they are absorbing your energy, words, attitudes, mannerisms, and everything else about you. Constantly. I hope that as I share my life with them, and show them the part of the world that includes me, that I may do so with sincerity. I believe that having the confidence to live whole-heartedly is a gift that fewer and fewer people are able to enjoy. With so much media input, and social visibility, we have become increasingly overwhelmed by the external and its influences on our lives. Too often, people don’t think for themselves and end up behaving blindly, and acting out of habit/expectation rather than from a place of sincerity. I pray that I may show my children to think for themselves, speak for themselves, and accept the worlds suggestions without always giving in to them. When they can do this, they may offer themselves to the world sincerely because they will know what they stand for, and what they believe to be true.


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    Mahina Friday, March 30, 2012, 4:14 pm

    Those are gorgeous eyes!


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