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Park-Zone • Protection for Car & Garage

park it

source of image: http://www.kaboodle.com/reviews/park-it-electronic-parking-valet

I drive a Toyota Sienna (swagger-wagon/mini-van). The nose of the van slopes down from the windshield, and it can be difficult to judge the end of your car while taming the savage beasts in the back seat, and parking the car in the garage. Hubs found a solution for me! There’s always the hanging tennis ball from the ceiling (when it hits the windshield, stop…) trick, or putting in a speed-bumpish looking device to bump into… But when you’re a techie fan of gadgetry, like our house, something like that won’t do. Enter the Park-Zone Electronic Parking Valet. It’s a red-yellow-green light system that tells you when to stop, protecting your car from scratches, bumps, the front wall, and guessing if you’re close enough for the garage to close. I thought it was bunk, but it has really become a helpful device. The kids love it too, and it’s helped my 4 and 1 year olds to understand the lights on the road. “Red light, Mama! Stop!” Yep. So I suppose you could become a parking aficionado, try one of the other systems, or join me in the world of this gizmo. We got it at Home Depot (I believe), and it really is pretty awesome. Hubs says that setup was pretty easy, and it didn’t take him more than an hour.

The video isn’t fantastic, but it is a realistic view from the driver’s seat.

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