Willow Creek Studio: A Genius Way to Organize and Remember

Willow Creek Studio: A Genius Way to Organize and Remember

Recently, I discovered Willow Creek Studio online and decided that it’s a little slice of genius. This is a company that takes clothing and turns it into quilts! This is great for lots of purposes. When you move around as much as us, carrying boxes of baby clothes or old t-shirts from races you’ve run just isn’t easy to do. Parting with those items can be so much harder to do, and for that reason many of us do it. I recently experienced packing up WickedGirl’s baby clothes and putting them off to the side… It was fun to reminisce about each of the memories attached to the clothing, but incredibly sad when I realized that I may never have a use for them again… Enter: Willow Creek! Instead of hauling my memories tucked away in a box, I can send my favorites to Michelle and have them turned into a quilt! Then it will be my choice to display them or put them in a special place in my home to keep my memories safe! She backs all of her quilts with chenille which makes the memories warm and the back of the blanket soft! I contacted Michelle (the owner) for an interview. She agreed, but when I sent the questions I never heard back. Oh well. I will still give her the shout out on her idea! I may try to do something like this myself! (Note: The pictures below are from her site. That is not BOY.)



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    love this idea!!!

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