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project52 • messy vs fun

silly socks

This week was Dr Seuss week all over the world. Kids read Seuss, and celebrated in Seussical fashion. My daughter's class was no exception. Each day came with it's own theme that included special outfits, attitudes, and activities. I don't know about the other kids, but I know that my own LOVED the whole experience. Her favorite part? TOOTSIE TUESDAY of course. What happens on Tootsie Tuesday? You get to wear silly socks like THESE: Wait, what, Mom?! My socks don't have to match?! I can wear them with capris so that I can wear non-matching legwarmers too?! This is AWESOME! This silly experience became even better when Girl waltzed into my home after school and proudly dropped sock on my kitchen floor. "LOOK WHAT I DID AT SCHOOL TODAY!" She proudly exclaimed. In PreK, the teacher had all of her students color on their own, one another's, and even HER own ...


project52 • making vs capturing

balancing making memories with capturing them isn't easy

There is a conflict in my life between my love for photography, and my desire to be present within the moments that are worth capturing on "film". For a long time, I got really into my photography, and took LOTS of pictures. Then I had my son, and my life slowed down a little bit. I realized that 1) I'm not IN any of these pictures. 2) I was spending too much time CAPTURING the memories and not enough MAKING them. Unfortunately, this realization has resulted in a bit of Second Child Syndrome (the real syndrome where the first child gets every breath documented and photographed, while every other child has progressively fewer photos and even less written down). Hubs was traveling a lot more when Girl was little. A LOT MORE. I documented her not only because I loved it, but also to share it with him, even if ...


project52 • helping vs hindering

wickedkate - creative. organized. mother.

My 2 year old son has his mother's stubborn streak. At some point in his life, it will help him to overcome obstacles that others feel are impassible. For now, it is simply driving me bananas. Like most toddlers his age, he wants to do everything "mine self". He wants his opinion to be heard. So he yells them. Loudly. Often, they are accompanied by tantrums resembling the Mexican Hat Dance. He wants to pick things out for himself. I love that he is exerting his independence, but holy moly... Patience is required to help me walk the line between helping him to do something so that we can move faster, and hindering his ability to learn how to do it himself. Sometimes he gets so frustrated he lashes out. Other times, he takes his time and figures out something new. On the night in this picture, he couldn't ...

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