welcome to wicked! i am a military wife & mom of two. here, you can read about my adventure in keeping it together through creative expression, organization, photography, and let’s face it… laughter.


Goin\' to the Zoo

We\'re goin\' to the zoo! How about you?! (Raffi song reference...) Anyhow, one of my favorite places to go is the zoo. In each location I visit, I make it a point to visit the local zoo. I love animals, and I love to photograph them too. Here are some examples.

Man\'s Best Friend

For four years, I was a professional dog trainer. Arguably, I could still be one, but I am inactive in any case. The pictures below are of my dog (Barkley - the Bassett/Rottweiler mix), my sister\'s black labs, and other dogs that I\'ve either trained or seen about town.

The Cat\'s Meow

I never liked cats. That is, until I had them. I had three cats for four years. After one lost its mind and went to live with another family, we have two cats remaining. The pictures below are of my cats Lilly (brown tabby) and Kenzie (black). Noah (white fluffy ragdoll with beautiful eyes) was ours from 2004 to 2011. The other cats belong to my mother in law...

Town & Country

I grew up on what was then a small town in New Hampshire. Now it has grown into a more suburban town, but there are still farms within town limits. Not far from our house, there are many farming communities. Where I live now, there are wild deer, geese, and other wildlife that frequent our yard. In this album you will find both domestic and wild animals that I find in the communities where I\'ve lived.

Butterfly Place

In Westford, MA, off of Tyngsboro Road you can find the Butterfly Place. It doesn\'t look like much, but inside you will find hundreds of butterflies flying in an atrium filled with flowers. They land wherever they please and feed on the flowers. Here are captured memories from my visit.