welcome to wicked! i am a military wife & mom of two. here, you can read about my adventure in keeping it together through creative expression, organization, photography, and let’s face it… laughter.


stop to smell the flowers

I love flowers. I like them best outside and still in the ground. My cats eat them when they are inside in vases. I love to photograph the flowers that I encounter. Here is some of the evidence...

Skagit Tulip Festival

Washington State is the second world leader in tulip production, second only to Holland. Each year, Skagit Valley (a county in Washington) holds a festival to display their goods to florists and other tourists. In 2010, we ventured up to see the fields. These were taken at Roosengarde, for those who live in the area. If you ever are in the area in early spring, you really should go to this festival. It is breathtaking to see fields upon fields of flowers!