welcome to wicked! i am a military wife & mom of two. here, you can read about my adventure in keeping it together through creative expression, organization, photography, and let’s face it… laughter.



Nisqually Nature Reserve is a wildlife preserve near where I live. It is home to many aquatic and land animals, many ecology studies, beautiful wetlands, and a six mile trail. You can\'t run here, but walking is a beautiful treat if you can manage it. We have only gone once, but I hope to return before we move.

Romantic Night

One night, Hubs thought he\'d be romantic and thoughtful. He arranged for a friend to watch our kiddos, and we headed out for a night alone. We went out for sushi, and then he said \"lets go take pictures!\" He\'d loaded up our equipment, and knowing that I needed Cascade mountain shots for my current project, we set out to shoot mountains. We ended up getting totally lost on the hill crest in a tree reseeding area. We got out of the car and had a blast photographing the Aberdeen Valley area and the mountains that we did find before the sun went down. Way to make an adventure out of getting lost, and record it for memory!


Washington State has a reputation for being gloomy and rainy. They would like you to continue thinking that, so they can have the beautiful, rich, colors all to themselves! While there ARE lots of rainy MONTHS of the year, there are other months that we enjoy great outdoor life. Here are some examples of Mount Rainier (major landmark), and other outdoor shots from my time here.

new england foliage

One of the many things I miss about living in New England, is the experience of four seasons. We have a distinct winter, spring, summer, and fall each year there. In the fall, there is a BEAUTIFUL color change in all of the foliage that creates a blanket of crayola-vivid splotches across our corner of the world. In 2009, I was home to see it, and catch some photos. May you have the ability to someday see it for yourself. Until then, live vicariously through my photography.

Landlocked States | Cross Country Drive

If you haven\'t ever done so, you really should take a cross-country drive. I made my first trip across in 2005. We took I-90 from Massachusetts to Washington. No turning. Just I-90. It was a long ride, and there was not much to see other than cows, farmland, and mountains. It was a beautiful ride. Did I mention that we were in the car with three cats, a dog, and an 18 month old in a carseat? Oh, I didn\'t? I must have blocked out that part... It actually was a lot of fun, and surprisingly low-stress. Here is some of what we saw along the way.


There is something calming, exciting, and freeing about being near the ocean. I just somehow feel more secure, and find clarity, when I am able to sit seaside for a little while and listen to the waves. It reminds me how vast the world is, and puts my issues into greater perspective. As usual, I take my camera along for the journey on many of my visits to the seaside. Here are some of those photos.

Astoria, Oregon

In 2010, I traveled with a friend to Astoria, Oregon: Home of the Goonies! We walked in the 5k celebrating the anniversary of the movie\'s release (called the Truffle Shuffle), and we took lots of photos. Here are a few of my favs that captured the land surrounding the Goonies.