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PageLauncher is the name of my graphic design and web page development business. It has been an eight year dream of mine to have such an organization, and this category will help you to follow the journey to realize my potential.

ReLaunched •

I am unbelievably proud to announce the relaunch of my graphic design, branding, and web development website, Over the past two years, we have developed our portfolio to include print media, logo design, web pages, search engine optimization projects, wedding invitations, wedding documentations, save-the-dates, brochures, and branding consultation. I am proud to have worked [...]

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project52 • passionate worklife

I cannot communicate to you how meaningful it is to be able to show up to work, be proud of what I'm doing, & believe in what I am doing. ~ Jay Baruchel Dear Kids, I hope that when it comes time for you to choose your path in the working world, you choose something [...]

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Launched • Danielle’s Save the Date

One of the big thrills I get as a graphic designer, is picking up the final product after it is printed to send it to the client. This week, I picked up these postcards, and mailed them to a bride in Massachusetts named Danielle. Their wedding colors (black, white, and red), a layout that incorporated [...]

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launched • Moving announcements

Unless you haven't been keeping up, you know that my family recently made a big fat move across the country... again. I must have a million cross-outs in friend's address books. Even my ordering information at my most-visited websites seem to ask WHERE ARE YOU NOW!? This time, we even gave up changing our local [...]

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launched • A Very Little Bookstore Logo

A few years ago, when I was still living in Charleston, my bestie Natalie told me that she'd secretly been planning to open a bookstore. It was her dream, and she was actively pursuing it. I was not yet a professional graphic designer, but I wanted to show my support for her dream. I sat [...]

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