monster bath • a real big smash!

Each time we move, I attempt to create a space using the items from the previous location. I do this to ease the transition from one location to another, and to save money (in lieu of buying new). Our Oklahoma house includes the monster bath that we used to have in our Washington house, but [...]

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pinspired • paper pom-poms

When we were decorating my daughter's room in Oklahoma after our move from Washington, I decided to incorporate several of the characteristics of her previous room. The twin-size ladybug blanket would no longer work, as she was upgraded to a full size. I purchased the same blanket in the larger size, because both she and [...]

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I was PINspired!

In case you haven't heard, Pinterest is kind of a big deal. It is an online resource for inspiration and information of all types. It is a virtual inspiration pinboard for you to collect links to sites that you want to use later for creative or do-it-yourself purposes. Your ideas can be sorted into self-titled [...]

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