welcome to wicked! i am a military wife & mom of two. here, you can read about my adventure in keeping it together through creative expression, organization, photography, and let’s face it… laughter.


Say What?! Volume 1


This letter goes out to everyone who needs a little reminder. I know that I am writing this from a position of clarity while Boy naps and Girl is at school. I am sure that a couple of hours from now, when all hell breaks loose, I will need to reread it. Maybe several times. Tell me if this sounds familiar:  It is a random Wednesday. You are standing in the middle of your kitchen mopping up a spill that is being blamed on the dog, even though the dog has no thumbs, doesn't drink Kool-Aid, cannot reach the counter, and was outside at the time. Your four year old walks into the room with a drawing that she is super proud of and wants to share with you. She drew it on your electric bill. Your two year old yells that they did a HUGE number 2, that you just ...


Elements of Aviation

Elements of Aviation Boy's Bedroom

It's been quite a while, so I thought I would come back with a bang! After our relocation, we did some room switching. Our new house no longer has a nursery in it, since our kids were both mature enough to retire the crib ::tear::.  The crib converted to a full sized bed, and our daughter moved on into that space. Our son took over the dual-twin bedroom situation. Most of Girl's decor made the switch to the full-sized version of her room, but Boy was left in the cold. The nursery stuff was too baby-baby, and we didn't have big BOY stuff yet. I was on a mission to make a mini-man cave! My husband is a pilot. BOTH of his parents are pilots. We live beside an Air Force training base with constant fly-overs. It was a no brainer. Aviation was going to be our theme. Boy loves "A-Pains" ...


Parenting Olympics • Potty Train Edition

Potty Training Olympics by wickedkate.com

Parenting can be like an olympic sport sometimes. You have to train your butt off, prepare for your events, and then give it your best shot when the time comes in hopes that you will come up with gold. Walking, talking, potty training, school, or whatever the phase of life you are going through, the process isn't necessarily easy. I like to keep a sense of humor about it whenever possible. That place of humor is where the following Potty Train Edition of the Parenting Olympics was born. The premise is simple. Move all of your bodily function relief from your pants to the bathroom. It is just not that easy, especially when you are two. When we were preparing to train Boy, we took care to reserve a long weekend with both parents home for the big kick-off. We cancelled all other plans, stretched our parenting muscles, and built bridges ...

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