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Motivation & Goals

Nothing worth doing is easy. The road to your goal may be windy, bumpy, and have rollercoaster-style dips in it, but it is worth traveling. Where do you want to go? Let’s get there together.


“Finish each day and be done with it. You have done what you could. Some blunders and absurdities no doubt crept in; forget them as soon as you can. Tomorrow is a new day. You shall begin it serenely and with too high a spirit to be encumbered with your [...]

Finding Balance

I started a tradition last year on New Year's. Each year, I choose a word, or phrase, to become that year's theme. Last year it was "simple values". I spent the year pursuing a life with less clutter, both mentally and physically. More on that in a post to [...]

passionate worklife

Dear Kids,I hope that when it comes time for you to choose your path in the working world, you choose something that you are passionate about doing. You will spend most of your adult life in the workplace. Please choose that place to be one of passion and [...]


 In the midst of the big events of our lives, there are thousands of little ones. If we pay attention, I believe that God speaks in the whispers of the little things. I am in the midst of a move from Washington state to Oklahoma, but I am [...]


Life does not always have a clear path. Sometimes it leads us in a direction that only our heart knows to be right for us. Trusting your instincts, using your intuition, and having a little faith, will empower you to achieve your dreams. On a recent trip to [...]


Change is hard. It is uncomfortable, challenging, emotional and frustrating. Whether it is something small like where you drop your keys when you get home or what drink you order at Starbucks, or something big like a bad habit or where you live, it is still difficult. The bottom [...]


Go, go go. Do, do, do. Your to-do list is endless, and your life is demanding. In all the hustle that live throws your way, please take the time to relax. It really is easy. Just slow down and rest your mind and body. You deserve it.   Relaxing [...]


Mother Nature is beautiful. In the haste of the modern world, take time to smell the roses. Literally. While you are at it, pay her some respect. As beautiful and wonderful as her creations can be, she also can be powerful and dangerous. Don't take that for granted. Do [...]

Moms are Superheroes

  Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, Captain America, Dora, Barbie, Little Einsteins, Scooby Doo... You name the problem, and there is a super hero out there to solve it. I don't know where these people dream up their fictional characters, but they are pretty fantastic. Kids love them, and need [...]

New Year • New Plan

New Year's Resolutions. Goal setting. Annual themes and projects. Whichever perspective you choose, this time of year is a time of reflection, reevaluation, and renewal. Personally, I am glad 2011 is over. Many of my friends seem to mirror my  view, based upon their Facebook status reports and the [...]

Give Thanks

Thank you. It's such a simple thing to say, but so often we all forget it. It takes two seconds, but can make someone else's entire day. We all love to hear it when someone says it to us, so why are we so reluctant to pay it forward? [...]

Workout Motivation

I haven't worked out alone, let alone with a trainer in almost a month for a variety of reasons (including meningitis and a stay in the hospital). Mentally, physically, and emotionally, I need to return to exercise. I have scheduled three training sessions (30 min/per), and plan on hitting [...]

Super Mommy!!!

Hi. I'm just about every mom out there. I think it is my responsibility to do everything. Not only do it, but do it right, the first time we try, without asking questions. I think my kids should behave well in public on most occasions. I should be crafty. [...]

Fat Crying

I don't know about you, but I hate sweating. I hate it. Stinking, wet, sticky... Yuck. Or at least I used to think so. I found this quote on Pinterest and reposted it in my Workout and Body Image file, but it had a curse word in its commentary, so [...]

I Can’t

My three year old won't stop saying "I can't" lately. It is super aggrivating. I'm talking ANNOYING. Every time she says it, she believes it, and most of the time it's not true. Most of the time she has everything tht she needs to succeed: knowledge, supplies, and support. [...]

Manic MOMday

Everyone says it. "Kids grow too fast." What people that don't have kids don't realize is why we say it. It's because when the kids are YOURS you don't get to have the same kind of quality time with them as other people's children because you're busy balancing your [...]

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