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Let’s Eat

I was not born with nutritional knowledge or culinary talent. If I can make a recipe, you can make it. If it’s delicious, I’m going to share it here. While we are at it, I have a few nutritionist friends that are going to hook us up with some know-how on meal planning, budgeting, and eating to support our goals.

BBQ Turkey Pizza

Last week, I posted about using a turkey for a full week of meals. One of the meals that I suggested was bbq turkey pizza. Here's how I made it. I got a two pack of Boboli pizza crusts, 1 bottle of KC Masterpiece, 2 cups of four finely [...]

BBQ Swordfish

I don't think recipes necessarily need to be hard to make. I also don't think that they necessarily require lots of ingredients or time.  For instance, my wonderful husband made my favorite food for me last night. Swordfish! All he did was put it on the barbecue grill for 10 minutes [...]

Fiesta Chicken

This recipe was given to us as a take-away at a recent MOPS meeting I attended. We assembled the ingredients into gallon sized Ziplock bags (ingredients in one and the chicken in another), and took them home. We made another one too, but I haven't cooked it yet. I [...]

Silly Suppers

During our last deployment at our last base, I was the new mom of a 2.5 month old. I was selling my house in preparation for a cross-country move, and it was the holiday season. In the military, lots of us call deployments like this one "Operation Deny Holiday". [...]