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In Other’s Words

As an avid reader, I come across lots of content that is just so well said, or makes me laugh so hard, that I want to share that with others. Their source will always be recognized. If you find a meme or a quote out there that truly resonates, send it on over and I will include it for the village to share.


 In the midst of the big events of our lives, there are thousands of little ones. If we pay attention, I believe that God speaks in the whispers of the little things. I am in the midst of a move from Washington state to Oklahoma, but I am [...]


Change is hard. It is uncomfortable, challenging, emotional and frustrating. Whether it is something small like where you drop your keys when you get home or what drink you order at Starbucks, or something big like a bad habit or where you live, it is still difficult. The bottom [...]

Workout Motivation

I haven't worked out alone, let alone with a trainer in almost a month for a variety of reasons (including meningitis and a stay in the hospital). Mentally, physically, and emotionally, I need to return to exercise. I have scheduled three training sessions (30 min/per), and plan on hitting [...]

Slow Focus

Does this quote resonate with anyone else as much as it did me? Never mind the beautiful typography and graphic design (which I do love)... The message was what really sealed this one in my mind. When I look back over my life, too often I say to myself [...]

Fat Crying

I don't know about you, but I hate sweating. I hate it. Stinking, wet, sticky... Yuck. Or at least I used to think so. I found this quote on Pinterest and reposted it in my Workout and Body Image file, but it had a curse word in its commentary, so [...]

I Can’t

My three year old won't stop saying "I can't" lately. It is super aggrivating. I'm talking ANNOYING. Every time she says it, she believes it, and most of the time it's not true. Most of the time she has everything tht she needs to succeed: knowledge, supplies, and support. [...]

posted values

Our playroom wall. I was pinspired this week by this pinterest entry to create and post a graphic listing our family values. While no list can ever be complete, I like how mine came out. I made each of the four graphics that follow, framed each of [...]

Just A Mom

The good moms out there put out all they've got. Creativity, finances, productivity, and physical exertion support our mission. We need to balance life, work, child rearing, personal time (::snarf::), and God bless us a love life. Married, divorced, single, widowed, whatever - you are still a mother. You [...]

Before I Was A Mom

My best friend, who is about to become a mother for the first time, sent me the poem below this Mother's Day.  It was also read to me by one of the mentor mothers from MOPS that week. I decided to hold onto it, and then use it here [...]

When You Know Better

Some people love her. Some people hate her. But there is no denying that Oprah has changed the face of the television medium. I do DVR her show, and watch the episodes that sound appealing. One of the things she often says is a quote from Maya Angelou, "When [...]

Perspective Shift from MOPS Friends

A couple of months ago during a MOPS meeting, they passed out discussion questions. One of them was "What is the Hardest Part of Being a Mom"? I was only a handful of days postpartum (Yes I was at a meeting the week after I had Boy.) and my [...]

eleven steps to prepare for kids

My friend Mickayla posted this one tonight on her Facebook profile and it made me laugh out loud. Thinking of Having Kids? Do this 11 step program first! by Brenna Gray Foster on Saturday, January 1, 2011 at 8:14am Lesson 1 1. Go to the grocery store. 2. Arrange to [...]

Stealing a Tradition: 25 Books for Advent

I am part of the local MOPS group. At the last meeting, we discussed our family traditions. This is my first year in establishing my family's traditions. My family of origin has many, many, many traditions. I treasure them with all of my heart. My husband's family has their [...]

Perfect Blog Lady

I received this link from a friend. It connects to a woman's blog that talks about how she compares herself to other bloggers and becomes overwhelmed. Amen sister! I couldn't have said it better than she did!!! It looks longer than it reads. Take the time to read to [...]

I’m Not Sorry Anymore

I’m sorry. I’m SO sorry… Does anyone else find themselves apologizing all the time? I find myself expressing myself only to recant with a big ‘ol “I’m sorry” for having an opinion. I also find myself often saying “I’m sorry” for the behavior of my children when people seem [...]

Say My Name!

While we found out we were pregnant and began picking names, our parents began the debate about what they wanted to be called. Mom thought Nana would be good. Dad was going for Jiddo. Then it changed to Grampie. He wasn't thrilled about it, but since we are not [...]

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