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Visit the Motherhood

The motherhood is the toughest ‘hood. We push out the babies. We bring them through infancy, toddlerhood, childhood, adolescence, and then through life the best we can. This ‘hood is not the place for sissies. It’s not an easy road to go, but for me its been one full of victories, defeats, a TON of laughter, and a bucket full of tears. Let’s keep it real. Mamas aren’t super heroes, but we are pretty darned close.

self care vs selfish

Alright. The more I read and look at mainstream American media, the more it seems that marketing is overrunning reality. In the effort to sell products, corporations are out to make mothers feel guilty regardless of what they do. You spank your kids? You're heartless. You don't [...]

Finding Balance

I started a tradition last year on New Year's. Each year, I choose a word, or phrase, to become that year's theme. Last year it was "simple values". I spent the year pursuing a life with less clutter, both mentally and physically. More on that in a post to [...]

passionate worklife

Dear Kids,I hope that when it comes time for you to choose your path in the working world, you choose something that you are passionate about doing. You will spend most of your adult life in the workplace. Please choose that place to be one of passion and [...]


Sometimes I find myself faced with a puzzle in life without the box that gives me a clear picture as to my final goal. I think I have it figured out and then BOOM, a squiggly piece with an unexpected corner. What the heck is this piece?! Who [...]


This photo captures Girl playing "throw the sand on the floor" in her sand table area of our patio, while wearing her princess pajamas. If you'd put my pre-motherhood self before the same situation, I'd probably have had a stroke. Sand was going everywhere. Now, I ran [...]

No Monkey Diets

There is a difference between nutrition and dieting, as the word is used today. Don't just cut corners and go the easy way by eating empty calories, or none at all. Choose appropriate foods, in appropriate amounts, that you enjoy. Couple those with exercise, and your body will thank [...]


When people talk to you, listen. Recently, my almost-four-year-old started talking about her friend the woodpecker that lives in our yard. Her imagination is WILD lately, so I just let it go in one ear and out the other. She would talk about how she woke up and saw [...]


The military is more than statistics, strategy, politics, and war. It is a collection of men and women who train, live, and work in the service of our nation's freedom. It is their dedication and commitment to their duty that afford us all the way of life that we [...]


Mother Nature is beautiful. In the haste of the modern world, take time to smell the roses. Literally. While you are at it, pay her some respect. As beautiful and wonderful as her creations can be, she also can be powerful and dangerous. Don't take that for granted. Do [...]

Moms are Superheroes

  Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, Captain America, Dora, Barbie, Little Einsteins, Scooby Doo... You name the problem, and there is a super hero out there to solve it. I don't know where these people dream up their fictional characters, but they are pretty fantastic. Kids love them, and need [...]

inside my 14 month old son’s mind

I have often wondered what goes through my son's mind on any given day. This morning, it looked like it may have gone something like this: 0730: I hear my sister. She's up. Why am I not out of my crib yet? I think I pooped. Yep, I stink. [...]

Give Thanks

Thank you. It's such a simple thing to say, but so often we all forget it. It takes two seconds, but can make someone else's entire day. We all love to hear it when someone says it to us, so why are we so reluctant to pay it forward? [...]

Surviving Post Partum Depression • My Story of Triumph

There is only one way to beat post partum depression. Fight. Like. Hell. I'm sorry for the language, but it really is the only way that I can think of to describe how hard you have to work to make sure that you beat this scary beast out of your [...]

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