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Creative & Pinteresting

If it’s crafty, artsy, design-related, day-dreamy, storytelling, photography, or otherwise makes my life easier through innovation, then you will find it here.

passionate worklife

Dear Kids,I hope that when it comes time for you to choose your path in the working world, you choose something that you are passionate about doing. You will spend most of your adult life in the workplace. Please choose that place to be one of passion and [...]

paper pom-poms

When we were decorating my daughter's room in Oklahoma after our move from Washington, I decided to incorporate several of the characteristics of her previous room. The twin-size ladybug blanket would no longer work, as she was upgraded to a full size. I purchased the same blanket in the [...]

I was PINspired!

In case you haven't heard, Pinterest is kind of a big deal. It is an online resource for inspiration and information of all types. It is a virtual inspiration pinboard for you to collect links to sites that you want to use later for creative or do-it-yourself purposes. Your ideas [...]


Home is where your heart lives. It is where your mind wanders when you daydream. It can move, it can change, but the feeling is always the same. The feeling of coming home is the feeling of acceptance. It is the relief of knowing you are safe, loved, and [...]


A dolly, a blanket, a hug, a hand to hold, a cushion, protection, whatever you call it, we all need it: Security. May you always feel safe in the knowledge that you are loved, and that there is always somewhere to turn if you need help. Girl carries around [...]


Stop and think about your life. The things you own. The time you spend. Do you know where it all goes? Getting organized can be overwhelming. Figure out what space and time you have available and then fill it with the things in life that you feel are a [...]

the rule of thirds

You want to take a picture. What do you do? Put the camera to your face or look at your viewfinder screen, put your subject in the middle, and press "go", right?! Not so fast! There is a rule of thumb in the photography world called the rule of [...]

Fulfilling or Filling Up? | Living in Inner Space

Remember how I said I was cleaning out my house? I want to use it up, use it up, bless others with unused stuff, and only bring things in that my family uses and loves. It seems to me that our society promotes filling up our homes rather than creating [...]

Shooting in Manual

Note: You don't need an expensive camera to shoot in manual. Most point-and-shoot cameras offer this option! Check your manual! Learn before you buy a DSLR to figure out if photography is going to be your passion/hobby/profession (get a more expensive DSLR), or just for fun/just for snapshots (get a [...]

Shutter Speed

If aperture is how open or closed your sensor is (how wide your eye is open), the shutter speed is how fast it opens and closes (how fast you blink).  In this tutorial, I will show how varying shutter speeds effect your photographic outcome. The most basic way I can [...]

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