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All too often in today’s world, we find ourselves convinced that we should not need help. We should never be less than anyone else. I’m going to just step right up and call shenanigans. We ALL have strengths. We ALL have weaknesses. We ALL have things to learn. There is NO perfect way of being.  WickedKate is a place where it is ok to admit that you need a village. You need others to support you in areas of growth, and to return the favor by sharing your own awesomeness. If you’re a rockstar in one area of your life that makes you really proud of yourself? Send me a message. Share that stuff. If you’re really not feeling the greatness in your life in an area that is included below, read up! If it’s not included and you wish it were? Send me a message. Life is tough, isolating, and relentless. It is also amazing, awesome, and powerful. This is my village. Together, we can do this.