I cannot communicate to you how meaningful it is to be able to show up to work, be proud of what I'm doing, & believe in what I am doing.

Jay Baruchel
go for it

Dear Kids,

I hope that when it comes time for you to choose your path in the working world, you choose something that you are passionate about doing. You will spend most of your adult life in the workplace. Please choose that place to be one of passion and motivation, that makes you wake up each day ready to go. Of course, I would like the path to be fruitful for you and provide for both you and the families that you choose to build for yourselves. At the same time, I pray that you may be as fortunate as your father and I in that you find fields in which you excel, and that you are both proud and passionate of what you choose to do. Do the best you can every day in your work. Never stop learning and improving. There will be days that are hard, and others where your pride makes you burst at the seems when you accomplish what others say is impossible. Do not give up. Follow your dreams. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to remember that I’m always proud of you.

Sincerely, Yo Mama.

Over the past nine months, I have been working with two of my friends to prepare for their wedding. From invitations, to a website, to these stand-alone cartoon cutouts, to the documentation for their special day, we designed, edited, and printed away countless hours. On October 6, I attended the wedding, which marked the end of our project, and the beginning of their loving life together. It was surreal to see my work in the hands of over two hundred people. It was odd to see them taking PHOTOS of my work. It was a blessing to help support my friends on their wedding day. It was an affirmation that following my dream of becoming a graphic designer was the right decision, and I finally felt that I had “arrived”. How many people get to stand literally face-to-face with their artwork at their debut in Boston?! I am one of the fortunate few. Thank you, Nicole and JP for this great opportunity.

Watch this week for several posts on the various projects that we did together. I am so proud of what we did together, and now that the day has come and gone, I may reveal that work to you. 🙂

Oh, and while we are on the topic, this past weekend was my very first adult business trip! Even though it was a trip back to my hometown, I earned a trip through my business. I went all by myself (Hubs stayed in OK with the kids), and I even stayed in a hotel for one night. I got to see my family (which was odd because I was by myself for the first time in four years – no kids). In celebration and preparation for the occasion, I got not only the sparkly topped black number you see in the photo, but also the sassy red pumps! If you know me, you know I’m not a big one for flashy dressing, but I loved the shoes the most. Check. It. Out! 😀 It isn’t the best picture, but it catches a moment where I am proud of my accomplishments and dressed up to celebrate good friends and personal milestones. I’ll take it. I may even frame it.