My husband reads Lifehacker on a daily basis. While it is not on my personal daily blogroll, I find many of their articles helpful. At this time of year, when we are all looking for great gifting ideas, I found this article which explained why silver wrapping paper is the way to go.

Silver wrapping paper doesn’t have any of these disadvantages – it’s inexpensive, always appropriate, fits all different sizes of gifts, can be recycled, and it doesn’t put a storage burden on the gift recipient or the gift giver. Silver wrapping paper is in stores in abundance this time of year, and is when I typically stock up my wrapping supplies for the next 12 months.

Weeks later when I was standing in line buying craft supplies at JoAnns, I thought about the article and brought home several tubes of silver (and some color) paper that was on sale for only $1.29 per tube by the register. It will be perfect for all of my gift giving requirements this year, and cost only a fraction it would have if purchased at the last minute! GOOD TIP! I bet you’ll be able to get even better deals after the holiday!