Leadership skills are a part of your character. Character is what you repeatedly do. Self discipline is when you have enough courage to work on yourself and keep yourself pointed toward your goals and integrity. Alignment is when your efforts are in harmony with your highest values. A hot mess express is when all of those things go out the window. You are frustrated. You are angry. Your feelings are hurt. You forget that you are a leader and have a tantrum and maybe start bossing everyone around a bit. Then you go on Pinterest to self soothe a little with feel good quotes, and the universe shows you the image above. You get reminded. You are human. This is called being human. You apologize when you make these mistakes. You don’t have time to shame yourself and drown in your guilt. You can feel bad for a bit, but don’t unpack and live there. You own that this isn’t the person that you want to be. You rededicate yourself to your ideals. You calm yourself down. You get a hug. You try again. For anyone like me that maybe didn’t have a Hallmark mother’s day, and needed a reminder that everyone doesn’t have a perfect day every day… I’m with you. We can do this. Together. Remember who you are and what you want to be, regardless of the pressures of the world. Make a plan, and let’s do this. There is nothing you are unworthy of, so make a plan and move forward knowing you were made perfectly imperfect. You are human and you are learning.