Thank you. It’s such a simple thing to say, but so often we all forget it. It takes two seconds, but can make someone else’s entire day. We all love to hear it when someone says it to us, so why are we so reluctant to pay it forward? This month, I started to make a conscious effort to be more outwardly gracious. I made my FB posts nearly-daily about what I was thankful for, but I also thanked others who did kind things for me. I even thanked a guy at the gym who was running on a treadmill beside me because he was so consistent that he gave me a rhythm to pace myself on the recumbent bike with for an hour. He thought I was strange, but as I walked away he smiled. Why not, right? Everyone likes to know they made a positive difference for someone else. Why don’t we tell people?  We tell our kids, “please and thank you”, but don’t say it ourselves. We should. I’m going to keep it up, because I know it makes a difference.

If to no one else, I believe we should thank God for the many blessings in our lives. We are so quick to ask for His support when we falter, but when things are good, we must also remember to give thanks. I learned this lesson this year, and just saying thank you when things go right has made a huge difference for me. It makes me stop and  take to heart the positive, rather than being blinded by the stressful or negative. It really helps, and it only takes two seconds of your time.

Say thank you. Be an example to others who may not do the same. I know its something I am going to try to do more every day. Shock the world. Be polite. Say thank you.


thank you