Art by Kate (Me) on 7/11/2011

I read it today on MOPS International’s Facebook Wall, and it made my whole heart smile. How true is this?! Really. People say to absorb as much as you can, take the time to hang with your kids, etc… It is so true, but it really isn’t as easy as it sounds. I would LOVE to be an ideal mom. I would love to have hot dinners on the table every night, my hair done, my face done, six pack abs, overflowing-just-enough bra cups, fully customized and self made home decor, a full fridge, floors you could eat off of, walls with no scuffs, kids who behaved perfectly in all situations, outfits that always matched, and perfect manners. This is an unobtainable goal. The truth? My house isn’t perfect, but it’s perfect for my family. We are customized and optimized, but we are not getting rings on the bell from Better Homes for their next special edition if you know what I’m saying. We DO eat off the floor, because that’s where the Cheerios end up, and we’re crawling. We are too busy making memories to be perfect. If I reached the end of my to-do list, it just would grow more items because that’s what life is really about. Otherwise, it would be boring. Ideal would mean that I don’t have any flaws. Flaws are what make us human. I like some of my flaws. I’m a quirky adult geek with a creative streak a mile long. This was the perfect quote to make me smile. I’m not gonna be ideal. I’m gonna be real and I’m gonna raise my kids right by being silly, willing to fail, creative, and fun. I may not be YOUR ideal, or my ORIGINALLY EXPECTED ideal, but for my family I’m like Tigger: I am perfect because I’M THE ONLY ONE! 😀