1. If you want to take a swim in the pool, but can’t get to the Y, it is entirely possible to do a cannonball in the bathtub. It is also possible to spread a splash of water across the entire bathroom.

2. Using the potty is vastly more comfortable than using your diaper.

3. When your little brother is stealing your thunder, bust out in song. You get more attention if it is a song that other people know (ie: ABCs, Old MacDonald), but any song will do.

4. When in doubt bat your eyes and ask, “Am I cute?” Somehow I don’t think this one will work as well for me as it does for her.

5. Don’t hesitate to call your mother for help. She will be happy to work your issues out with you.

6. Sharing is hard to do, but you make more friends that way.

7. When you sing, sing loud.

8. Silly can be fun.

9. Falling down (Failing) isn’t the worst thing in life. Its just a setback. Try again.

10. Help those you love whenever you can. “I help!”