Everyone says it. “Kids grow too fast.” What people that don’t have kids don’t realize is why we say it. It’s because when the kids are YOURS you don’t get to have the same kind of quality time with them as other people’s children because you’re busy balancing your life OUTSIDE of them. Too often I get all wrapped up in something and Girl will say “sittah me?”

[Translation from three year old martianese: Sit With Me?]” “No, babe. I’ve got to…”. Realistically is anything after the “…” worth it? No. I should sit. But I don’t often get to because the immediate seems to emergent to me. Is the house going to fall down if the laundry or dishes have to wait? No. But Girl won’t be sitting there asking me to hang out with her forever.

Now the other side of this coin also exists. There are parents who NEVER take a break. Stay at home for many moms means never taking time for themselves. This isn’t right either. You are showing your kids that you don’t value yourself when you do this. You need a break. Let hubs, family, friends, or a babysitter take them for a few hours and go do ANYTHING else. You can sit in your car and sleep for all it matters, but you need to take time for YOU. I was forever saying “when they get older, I will…”. In a lot of cases, the timing is never going to be right. Just do it! Get out there and blaze your trail. You are your children’s example. Value yourself as highly as you value them, and make yourself a priority. Would you want them to grow up treating themselves the way you treat yourself? If not, change. Its that simple. Taking a break is not a sign of weakness. It is not a sign of defeat. It is a sign of respecting yourself and your kids. If you take a break, I guarentee when you return you will be refreshed and happier to be with your kids. This is a gift to them as well as yourself. Do it.

Who am I talking to here? Me? You? I don’t know anymore, but I know what I’ve said is true. Take the time for yourself. Take different time to be with them. The house doesn’t have to be perfect. They won’t remember “holy moly my mom left clutter out!” or “The laundry!!” Even if they do, they will laugh with you at your escapades at attempting to stay ahead and falling behind. Failure is often funny in hindsight. Let it go. Enjoy your life. Bleeding or broken = emergencies. Laundry, Dishes, Clutter and such will wait – even if they’re stressing you. If you need to do them, do them all the way – the right way – the first time. Then you don’t have to waste the time doing it over. Lessons learned.

I hope this post reaches someone out there and they say “me too” or “I needed that”… I’m not even sure it makes sense. It does in my head. I just think we all get so caught up in the “noise” of life that we miss what’s really important. What we should really stop and listen to. Like the voice of our kids saying, “hey mom,  got time for me?” Yeah Girlie I do. Even when it’s just another Manic MOMday (oh oh oh…).