I am part of the local MOPS group. At the last meeting, we discussed our family traditions. This is my first year in establishing my family’s traditions. My family of origin has many, many, many traditions. I treasure them with all of my heart. My husband’s family has their own traditions. We decided to blend the best of the two for our own children. In addition, I am going to add a few new traditions of our own. Check back as I will be posting for the next couple of days about our selections… Here is one that I will be adding next year that I heard about in MOPS.

I am going to go to the local bookstore and purchase 23 Christmas books this week. They will be less expensive because the holiday has passed and they will be trying to reduce inventory hold-over. I will put these books away with my holiday decorations. Next year, when we put up our decorations, I will wrap all 23 books plus the kids’ Bible and the Twas the Night Before Christmas book that we purchased this year. All of them will be in the same paper except the Bible and Twas which will be in their own color. We will unwrap and read one Christmas book per night of advent ending. On Christmas Eve we will open our two differently colored books! What a great way to 1) give the gift of reading to my children for 25 nights in a row, 2) get them excited for the celebration of Christmas, and 3) remember what the holiday is truly all about. Family.

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