Hi. I’m just about every mom out there. I think it is my responsibility to do everything. Not only do it, but do it right, the first time we try, without asking questions. I think my kids should behave well in public on most occasions. I should be crafty. My house should be clean. My desk at work should be clear. I should have my hair done in some sort of fantastic hair do, and I should have an outfit on that others envy. I read blogs and envy the women who write them because clearly they have their stuff together, while I do not. I should not ever forget dates, appointments, anniversaries, birthdays, or holidays. I think that somehow I should be better in every way imaginable. I need to work, earn a high salary, stay home, be with the kids, play with the kids, cook home-cooked meals, and do all of the chores single handedly at the same time while working out in the gym to perfect my six pack abs. This is so not reality. Why do television and magazines portray “ideal life” this way?! BECAUSE IT’S IDEAL! NOT REAL! Magazines would probably not sell very well if they didn’t write this way, but it sets an unfortunate precedent. Here is what is more real:

A super mom lets her kids be kids. They are allowed to play. They are allowed to make a mess. Sometimes it doesn’t get cleaned up, but sometimes that just means they play more with those items later. We keep our houses clean enough to be healthy, but not so clean that we lose our gourd over dust or smudges. Our camera cards still have photos on them, because we are too busy MAKING memories to necessarily be totally caught up on our scrapbooking. We have ear-prints on our cell phone screens, and our friends on speed dial. We make sure that our clothes match. Even that is extra credit really. If it’s clean-ish and I can move around in it, I will probably wear it. If I have my hair in any way other than wash-and-wear or a pony tail, you’re a lucky person. Take pictures because it doesn’t happen often. My purse is not a cute little clutch. If it is, that’s my satellite purse that I carry from diaper bag to giant purse and back. It’s not really my purse. In case you didn’t know, I’m moonlighting as a sherpa for my entourage. If I could carry a roller bag and not get weird looks, it might be more convenient. I have lots of places to go, things to do, and errands to run. If I stop and spend time with you, please be kind and courteous because I am really making the effort. I will do the same for you. I don’t get lots of free time, but I probably know what’s going on in many famous people’s lives, and/or on television shows that I will never admit to watching. Sometimes it’s just nice to know that other people are “just like us”, and have their own problems. I try to work out and watch what I eat, but sometimes I fail at these. I will try again tomorrow.

What really makes us Super Moms? We wake up every day with our kids. We get out of bed and we make sure that they have everything they need to succeed in their day. We make sure that our spouse does too, and that we are supportive of their needs. We make sure that we check in with our friends to be sure that they are hanging in, and that we are all crazy weirdos in the same ship on the sea of childrearing insanity floating toward a nightly island oasis of bedtime. We make sure that we do all that we can in work, at home, or around town to support our communities, families, and friends. We are super heroes because we give of ourselves more than anyone else. So this morning, when you buckle in to your mini-van and head out for the carpool lane, daycare, or Starbucks drive thru, when you hear that click… That’s you buckling in to your super cape. You’ve earned it.

Image Source: Super Mom (No those aren’t my boobs.)