new years resolutions

Last year when I wrote my resolutions for the year 2010, I had no idea what was going to come my way. I just had arrived in Washington the month before, and had gone through a miscarriage beginning on December 26th. I had no idea what was coming my way, but I knew that things were going to get better since I was down in the dumps from having moved and lost the baby.

I never expected to get pregnant within that week. I didn’t know the wonderful new people that would grace my life, or how much I would lean on the support of the people that already blessed me with their friendship. I didn’t see the health trials and triumphs that I would struggle through. Never-mind the several coast-to-coast trips that I made, settling into a new home, continually simplifying my home through massive nesting and purging sprees, preclampsia, delivering a 10 lb baby boy, spend a week in the hospital for myself and my boy in the NICU, visits from many friends and family, potty training Girl, and exploring a whole new area of the country and my life. I had no idea. Sometimes I think resolutions are a little ridiculous for that reason. There’s no way we can see everything coming. Most of life comes out of nowhere…

Last year’s resolutions are mostly rolling over into the new year, and in truth the rest of my life. Learning to be a better listener, to be a better photographer, to focus on my kids more, to eat better, to take better care of myself, to stay positive, and become more consistent are all goals that really have no finite ending. All of them are things that we can do better, and I will continue to work on. Add to those some “saving more money for the future”, “get and stay in better contact with old friends”, “simplify my house and life even more”, and “better support my husband and kids”, and you’ve got my resolutions for THIS year. Everything is an ongoing project.

It is odd for me to not have a quantifying deadline. Do these things by THIS date. Save THIS much. Do THIS MANY of something or lose THIS MANY pounds… But one thing I learned this year is that it isn’t always about hitting a deadline, running to the end zone first, or proving something. Sometimes its more about the effort and enjoying the journey. Maybe that’s my biggest goal for the year. Slow down and enjoy things because they won’t happen again.

I started 2010 in the dumps, and ended it on a very high note. I have a wonderful husband who is my best friend, even if we butt heads every once in a while. I have two healthy and happy children. I have a home that provides endless warmth and space for all of our belongings. I have the support of my amazing family and friends. I want for very little, and have more than I could have ever dreamed. What a lucky girl. I think I’ll go ahead and add a resolution to appreciate these things and say thank you a little more too.

I had a hard time picking out a photo for this post. I vowed to myself that I would have a graphic in each post, and now I have renewed my vow to myself to make them my own. Sometimes it is necessary to use those of others, but for the most part I am going to try to use these photos as an opportunity to work on increasing my photographic experience. Anyhow, when I thought about this post in specific, the generic clinking of glasses sounded like a good one. Or maybe the baby and the old man. Or something like that… I went with the shot of a creative flower garden I saw at last years Skagit County Tulip Festival at Roosengarde. It shows a creative garden depicting a road winding through lots of vivid colors. I guess this Friday’s Fun Fact is that life is full of adjustments and that our plans are just plans, not facts laid in stone, but our life will grow in a beautiful way if we care for them. Cheesy? I like cheesy sometimes, don’t you?

I wish you all of the best in 2011. May your resolutions be a guide, but not so rigid that you cannot adjust to the unexpected and enjoy what life throws your way. That’s what I am hoping for our family… Be safe at your holiday parties! We will be home this year with the kiddos. To me, having Hubs home and both kids healthy is celebration enough.