When we got into our new location, we became blessed with lots of room. We chose this house for many reasons, but one of them was the ability to have a playroom for our children! This is one of the biggest rooms in our house, and we spend a ton of time in it! All of the kids toys are kept in there, other than the ones that creep out and find themselves upstairs in our living space. Anyhow, one of the hurdles to this room was that we did not have any storage for their toys, or decorations to speak of for the walls! In upcoming posts (read: this weekend) I will share what we came up with for storage, but in the interim, I have to share a fun art idea that I used. It saved us a bunch of money, and I have received a ton of compliments on it! We put a couch on one wall in the basement, but did not have any art to go over it. We also didn’t want to spend BIG dollars for BIG art…. Instead, I went over to Land of Nod and purchased a box of alphabet flash cards, evenly distributed them over the wall, hung them with command strips (no nails – no wall damage!), and wha-la! ART! They have lots of different sets, and you could surely put them up lots of different ways! These flashers only cost us $29! Since I already had the command strips, the entire project was only $29 plus time! When we move, or when the whim strikes, I can simply pull out the command strip tags, return the cards to the box, and put up something else… Until then? Alpha-mural! I liked this project so much that I bought a number card set, and did the same thing over the french doors that head outside! (See picture in Part 2!) Woo hoo!

Land Of Nod Cards – Picture Taken by KTB 8/13/10