Does this quote resonate with anyone else as much as it did me? Never mind the beautiful typography and graphic design (which I do love)… The message was what really sealed this one in my mind. When I look back over my life, too often I say to myself that I got too wrapped up in the immediate and not enough in the emergent or the truly important. I got all wrapped up in the details, and missed the point entirely. I am finally realizing that I need to slow down and savor the little moments and be truly present in each phase of my life. The posts that you read here on WickedKate are just as much reminders to myself as they are to you. It’s time that we all slowed down a little bit and realized what is really important, get our priorities in order, and then find happiness in achieving our true goals. I am terribly bad at doing this, but I aspire to learn to relax and enjoy life TODAY rather than constantly ignore today in pursuit of tomorrow. Keep the goals, just realize that its the journey as well as the destination… Especially in relation to my children, this is a difficult task. Balancing all that I want to do in my life outside of them with attempting to absorb every morsel of every minute of every memory and savor it because I know they’re only young once. It’s not easy, but I’m trying.

Have you figured out how to master this? I don’t mean being laid back. I mean have you got your priorities in order? What could you do to be better in this way? What advice  do you have to give on the matter?


Image Source: Pinterest