While looking around online during my spare time (read: while I was sick, WH let me borrow his iPad out of pity), I followed the links on some of my favorite blogs to some of THEIRS.  I found several blogs that have inspirational and instructional content for crafters/DIYers. I do not know any of these people, so I am not giving them a solo-bonofide-thumbs-up from WK, but I already love them a little. Hit’em up!!

Indollgences This site is doing a 365 days of crafting. They specialize in felt toys and gifts. I like them for mobiles for babies, and for cupcake charms too. I wish I knew how to work with felt, and this one motivates me to try harder… or buy their goods.

33 Shades of Green This one covers all of the topics in my heading. The woman really has a beautiful home (I love her bar area – search for it in her search bar!). Her home-style is similar to mine. She has recipes, pictures, decor, crafts… A very good read. I love her blog’s look too (for those who blog and may be looking for some digital inspiration)!!

Colour Me Happy with Maria Killam This one hits lots of topics too. She talks about design in all areas of life (digital, physical, home, self, fashion…). This is a business (color consulting) website, but is educational for those not even looking for her services. I never thought so before, but if she were to come down from Vancouver for a while, I’d gladly have her come by for some consulting work on lots of areas in my life!

Russet Street Reno This blog is associated (friends I think) with YHL (Young House Love for those who aren’t already addicted to it.). They are doing a renovation project and are giving you lots of information and instruction as they do their work. I may never do some of the things that they’ve done, but it is awesome to read about and dream!

A Pretty Cool Life Crafty for those with kids or know kids or gift to kids. These ideas are awesome, beautiful, and seemingly simple. I can’t wait to bust out my sewing machine and someday knock out some of these ideas. I love them. (Took this idea from a link on WickedDrew’s site. Thank you for the heads up! Your site is awesome too – let me know when I can give you a solo-shout!)

Life In Grace This one is giving you 12 days of Christmas for Crafts! It’s pretty awesome. Every one of the ideas she shares look easy to do, but great to give at the same time. I may actually do some of them this year! Coasters, Camera Straps, Crayon Wraps… All genius.

My Home Ideas Looking for inspiration or just to become jealous of decorating genius? This blog has thousands (literally) of rooms in their gallery to look through to find just what you need. There are great how-to tutorials, holiday ideas, tips, projects, and inspiration enough for everyone!! I had forgotten about this one for a little while and found it in my “favorites” file. Welcome back old friend, I feel as though we may start spending some quality time together :)!

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