Do you remember the episode of Seinfeld where Eileen convinces her boss to start a chain of muffin top bakeries!? It was awesome! It was also the last and only time that muffin tops were cool. In my case, I’m not referring to the delicious bubbly top of a pastry. I’m talking about the super attractive bump of extra body that flows over the top of your pants (which ironically can be caused by eating too many of their namesake). When the muffin flows over the wrapper: awesome. When I flow over the side of my pants? Not. Cool. It makes me look like either I can’t afford new pants or that I’m trying too hard to be under my age. It looks vaguely like a tube of toothpaste that has been squeezed too tight or an overstuffed teddy bear pulling at the seams. Super. Attractive. Mine isn’t bad. I’m being a little mellow dramatic. The other day I told my trainer about how I hated the mommy muffins I have on my hips. He (being the jackelope that I love to hate) told me that “it isn’t mommy muffin. It’s egg mc muffin”. Then he proceeded to remind me of my Seinfeld quote. Thanks Chris. The jerk was right. What you eat is 70% of the weight loss battle. You can’t work out to defeat a poor diet. I am guilty as charged. I’m a full fledged sugar addict with a caffeine problem. I love anything sweet. I love big portions. I never thought so, but I suppose I’m a food junkie. I have decided that I am going to attempt rehab. I joined Weight Watchers today in what I call Operation Muffintop. I am going to stick to the WW plan, continue my workouts, and attempt to lose 20 lbs before my 31st birthday on February 9, 2013. Yes, I realize that it is Christmas time. This year, my gift to myself is going to be healthier eating and exercise habits. I figure now is just as good a time as any. Somewhere in my mind I’m also contemplating a half marathon. If you’re going to set goals, set them high, right?! I want to show my kids a healthy lifestyle. I can’t do that the way I was living before, so I need to change. It won’t be easy, but it will so be worth the work! So Seinfeld, those pastries are delicious, but the body part gets no love from me!

Who is with me?! Who wants in on Operation Muffintop?! Lets get a team together and beat the bulge!