Big Girl Panties

“Its time to put on your big girl panties!” I told Girl. “Why? I don’t want to,” She said. “Sometimes you don’t want to, but you have to. Because you’re a big girl.” I said.

What does putting on your Big Girl Panties really mean? Just like Girl didn’t want to put on her ACTUAL panties, it means sometimes doing what you don’t want to do. Sometimes life gets hard. Even when we’re working our hardest and things are going our way, I think everyone just would like to have super human powers to freeze time every once in a while. This morning, I was having a special moment and went back to bed for a reset. Then… It was TIME TO PUT ON MY BIG GIRL PANTIES and take on the day. Because big girl panties mean more than panties. They mean:

– Getting up and making the kids breakfast even when they wake you up at five am by poking you in the eye and saying “I HUNGEE”, because you know that that night they’ll give you a big “I wuv you Mama” when they hug you goodnight. And darn it, no one else is going to make that baby bottle. There are no genies. There is you. You are the genie. Now, like Robin William’s character said “Poof! What do you need?!”.

– You are an adult. Be responsible even when its hard. Pay your bills. Obey the speed limit. Be on time. Work to the best of your ability. Try not to judge others even though sometimes they just deserve it don’t they?!

– Put your butt in gear and throw back the throttles on days that you feel like putting it in neutral. Floating in the pool is a great vacation, but that’s not real life. Today, you must do your best. Why? Because you wear the big girl panties.

– This one is hard for me: Stand up for yourself. Say no. or Say yes! Even when you don’t have the confidence. If you have too much going on, say no or offer to do the favor another time. If you can do something, but aren’t sure of yourself, and someone asks you to do it – say yes! Dare to be great. Because you’re a big girl. Wear the panties.

– Dare to be the best you. Be fierce. Put on your makeup. It’s your war paint. The world needs you to be the best you. No one else can be. Make your friends and family proud to call you theirs.

– You are a powerful woman. Take it and make the day yours. Today I’m telling the world to “Bring it”. Why? Because I wear the big girl panties.

So what ARE big girl panties? Do I have to put on some gramma panties that give me a uni-cheek derrière? No! Slide on your sexiest pair of undies. Most days, I’m a uni-butt girl, but sometimes you just gotta wear the polka dot thong to get yourself goin’. Wear what makes you stand proud. Stillettos go well with Big Girl Panties. So do sweatpants. You can wear whatever you need to to make yourself feel powerful. Dare to be you. Take on the world.

As I type this, my Girl just walked in wearing nothing but her tutu and a princess crown. “Look Mama! I’z a Princess!” Yes you are girlie. Because you are also wearing the big girl panties.

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