I found the following article here. I have had this in the draft file for a long time. I don’t know that I will ever have what it takes to do a full fledged home school educational program for my kids, but I know with all my heart that the reason I loved school and learning so much was my parents. They were so excited and supportive about our schooling that it was contagious. I will be sure to start the desire to learn, the pursuit of academic excellence, and a passion for learning in the home. Hopefully, my kids will react the way my three sisters and myself did, by becoming well rounded and successful individuals with values placed on faith,  family, home, and education.

Homeschooling Is Not Optional

The following is a guest post from Amanda of Not Just Cute:

readingsource: Horton Group

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All parents should homeschool their children.

What I just wrote may surprise some people, particularly given the fact that I have taught in the public school system and have my own son registered to begin kindergarten this fall at our local public school.  But I’ll still stand by it.

Let me explain.

Many parents are very conscientious about the decision to enroll their children in private, public, charter, or home school. They consider factors such as school quality, child personality, family situation, and so on.  Different families arrive at different answers.  Some families even arrive at different answers for different children.  There isn’t one perfect answer for everyone.

And yet, every child should be homeschooled.

This doesn’t mean you need to throw out the furniture in your front room and replace it with a row of desks and a blackboard.  What I mean is that the choice to send your children to a school outside of the home does not absolve you of your responsibility as a parent to teach your children.

A House of Learning