I found this poster on Pinterest, and it got me to thinking. I originally began Operation Muffintop, and set my weight loss goals, based upon the opinion of the individual who did my assessment at the gym. “130-140 is ideal weight to achieve your ideal body fat percentage” she said. I am at 163. I’m 5’9″. I think 130-140 sounds awful low. I agree that my muffin-top has to go, but what does this number really mean to me?  Nothing. It is a guideline. Am I going to be thrilled out of my mind  pleased if my weight goes down? Sure. My pre-second-baby weight hovered around 152. I’d be happy with that number.

I still am joining Weight Watchers this weekend. Why? Because Weight Watchers acts as a budget telling me how much I should be eating. It teaches me to have will power, make more positive food choices, and pay attention to my portion sizes. I’m doing it because I know that I eat like a ten year old on Halloween after a LOT of trick or treating   poorly, and I want that to change. I want to eat healthier so that 1) I feel better. 2) I show my kids good food choices. and 3) I reduce the likelihood of my future health problems.

I still am going to work out, but not to reduce the number on the scale. That isn’t my value in exercise. My value is to increase endorphins and make myself feel mentally stronger and happier. My value is to lose the flab around my sides so that my pants fit better, because that makes me happy. I also value the achievement of goals that I did not realize were possible. This morning as I pressed 195 on the squat machine, I was proud of myself. I never saw myself as strong before, at least not in the physical sense. Now I know that I can be. I enjoy having the muscle to show for it. I never have in my past, so this new strength means a lot to me.

I am losing the weight for ME. My husband, kids, and friends don’t care. I know that outside motivation will NOT help me change my lifestyle. I simply am doing it for myself because I know that it is time. I refuse to give up my favorite foods, but moderation is going to be key for me. Treats should be treats, not every day items. I have a long way to go, but I am trying. I am not doing this alone. I am joining my family, and thousands of others, on the Weight Watcher journey. I am joining thousands of people who are dedicated to going to the gym each day to get their blood pumping. This isn’t some adventure to get my body into a Kate Moss skinny form. I want to be toned, strong, and able to fit in my pants without overflowing the belt-line. I want to feel good, be happy, and live a long life. This is my motivation. Join me on Operation Muffintop. It’s gonna be quite the adventure.

What is your motivation? What is your goal? How are you getting there?