When I think of Halloween, I get all excited about decorating. With small kids, you have to be careful in your selections for both the safety of the child and the decorations. Thinking about Jack O’ Lanterns made me excited right up until I thought about the hazards they present: knives, fire, pumpkin guts, possible smashing by the “special” teenagers that live across the street causing tears and heartache. That was out. To the answer to a lot of my creative inspiration (Pinterest) I went! I found these great ideas: Mister Potato Head Pumpkins and Gauze Mummy Googly Pumpkins! I was thrilled! When I went out to purchase these items, I was even more excited when I realized that the PH Pumpkins come in push-in kits you can get in stores! (I got mine in Target).

I altered the design to include foam pumpkins so that the kids can push and pull out the parts more than once, the pumpkins won’t rot from the holes made (since we did them October 6th – a real pumpkin probably wouldn’t have made Halloween), and I knew we could probably use the same ones a couple of years in a row).  Best part? These bad boys can be used with standard Potato Heads (I think).  Even if they can’t, I could use the pumpkin on a watermelon, no?!

When I got to JoAnns to get the googly eyes, I found that you could not buy only two. I bought a small pack of large eyes. When we were wrapping our pumpkin (with two gauze first aid wraps from Target), Girl decided that OUR pumpkin needed more than two eyes. They needed the WHOLE PACK! Why not, right?!

The kids LOVED making these. Boy thought the whole thing was hilarious, while Girl took a more serious creative role. She was so proud of herself. Then she started with the jokes:

Girl: “Mama! They’re Booo-iful!”
Me: “Don’t you mean beautiful?”
Girl: “No. Boo! I’m funny. Boo-tiful”
Me: “Yep. You ARE funny.”

What other Halloween decorations have you been able to modify for YOUR kids?! Do you have a great Hallow-craft? I would love to keep this going until the actual holiday!!