Life does not always have a clear path. Sometimes it leads us in a direction that only our heart knows to be right for us. Trusting your instincts, using your intuition, and having a little faith, will empower you to achieve your dreams.

turtle out on a limb

On a recent trip to a park local to my in-law’s house, we found this turtle. He was out at the end of a downed limb sunning himself. He seemed happy and relaxed to me, even though that’s anthropomorphizing (vocab word! go me!), and I snapped a photo. I almost deleted it, but then I went ahead and edited, and it made me smile. I submit that this turtle is a great example of “going out on a limb”. How he got up there and why, were both up for debate. In either case, it seemed perfectly natural and a wonderful sign of spring. It also boded well as a sign that my upcoming move may not feel as though it makes logical sense, but embracing the situation and having a little faith will make it all work out in the end. Thanks little turtle. Sun on.