Once again, I have found a gem at the store up the street. They were selling these apple picking ladders for $100. I told them I’d give them $40. He said ok, and into the van it went. I love this ladder because it holds the blankets in my living room, can stand in the corner due to its closer at the top/farther at the bottom side rail design (common to apple picking ladders FYI), and when/if I need to reach high objects – I can actually use this ladder to do it! The blanket-holding ladder I had prior to this one was a display only item, and couldn’t stand in a corner without taking up a ton more space than this one. That one will either be sold on Craigslist this weekend to recoup the $40, or get repurposed into one of the bedrooms to get us back some more space in the linen closet. I love when form meets function and is still attractive! This ladder even is branded with the logo of the manufacturer of these ladders. I love that I got an apple picking ladder while I lived in Washington. How perfect, right?!