photocopies to hang things on the wall

First I saw this on Pinterest, then Hubs saw it on Lifehacker. We were hanging a new gadget in our garage, and I thought of this. Why not, right?! Hubs thought I was nuttier than a Payday, but went along with me for the sake of my good mood. Afterward, we talked about it, and decided that this method works for anything with a FIXED hanging apparatus. It would be more difficult to use on, say, a wire-hung device like some portraits we own. Hubs also made the point that the object has to be small enough to fit on the flatbed of your scanner/copier/printer. All in all, the idea worked for its purpose. In fact, we used it again the next week to hang some stars in the kiddos’ playroom. As long as it fits the criteria, it worked for us!

Here is the original pin that PINspired me. It is on my Geekout board of my Pinterest profile.

If you’ve done a pin from Pinterest and want to share with the group, email me the following: 1) A photo of YOUR finished product. 2) A link to the original pin that PINspired you. 3) A review of how it turned out, and whether or not you would replicate it. I will be proud to give you credit as a guest post. Hook us up with the good, and warn us away from the not-so great pins!