I have been trying to reduce the amount of random craft materials that I have lying around to gain space and make good on my investment. Recently, I was looking in an organization magazine and I saw little bins that were covered in pretty designs. I was inspired to make my own. I took some cans from the recycling bin, peeled off the labels, cut some scrapbook paper into strips that fit the height of the cans, and had Girl help me glue it on.  Easy cheesy! It took literally 5 minutes to complete, and now I can put my writing implements, scissors, and paper clips up where Miss Chiff can’t reach them (unless she climbs up on the desk. Which she will figure out in a week or so, but hey for now it slows her down!).

Alternate uses: You could easily do this with three cans and put your knives, forks, and spoons in them to decorate a kitchen and free up a drawer. You could easily have your child decorate a strip of paper and use it on a coffee can for crayons and colored pencils! Why not?! It’s green, it’s pretty, and your kids will be kept busy for a few minutes doing it! If you have scrap wrapping paper, scrapbook paper, newspaper, or anything paper really, you can do this for free once you have a can available to you. You could change the cans/paper as often as you want to go with seasons too! It could even be a way to make a cheap vase for a simple bouquet.  Endless possibilities! Find some cute labels and you can really go to town.

Be careful to be sure that the edge at the top isn’t sharp when you cut off the lid. You can sand it down if need be, to avoid getting cuts.

Here was my inspiration:

[Page 94 of Better Homes and Gardens Special Interest Publication: Secrets of Getting Organized 2011.]